The Sony a5000 is an inexpensive 20.0MP camera with interchangeable lenses and the ability to output 1080p 60 over HDMI. It would be great for streaming if Sony hadn’t slapped a non-removable overlay on the output.

I’m not a fan of artificial software limitations, so let’s remove that nonsense by modifying the camera’s firmware using telnet over the built-in Wi-Fi. Like a normal person.

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Grocery List:
Sony a5000
Glorich AC-PW20 Dummy Battery
Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable Adapter
EVGA XR1 lite Capture Card
90s Hacker Music Playlist


1. Set the a5000 USB connection to auto.


Now we’re going to install some dependencies. Git, Telnet, and Pip.

Debian / Ubuntu / POP

sudo apt install git pip telnet


sudo pacman -S git python-pip telnet-1 


sudo dnf install git python-pip telnet-1

Clone the Sony-PMCA-RE repository

git clone

Change to the Sony-PMCA-RE directory and install the needed dependencies.

cd Sony-PMCA-RE ; pip install -r requirements.txt

Power the camera on and plug it into your computer. It will show that it’s connected on the viewfinder.


Launch the app by running ./ from the terminal and click on Get camera info.

Click on the Install app tab. Give it a refresh and select Open Memories Tweak.

Click on Install selected app. When you see Task completed successfully you can exit the app.

On the camera press Menu then Application > Application List > OpenMemoris: Tweak > Developer and enable Telnet and Wifi.


On the PC open a terminal and type telent followed by the IP address of the camera.

Enter the following command into the terminal to remove the HDMI overlay.

bk.elf w 0x01070a47 00

Logout of the camera by typing exit in the terminal and disable telnet in OpenMemoris: Tweak

That’s it! Your Sony a5000 will now output clean HDMI.


If for some bizarre moon reason you want to re-enable the overlay swap out the command in step 11 with the following.

bk.elf w 0x01070a47 01

Have questions about your setup? Ask in our forums.


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